Hydroponics Systems Manufacture

We Build The Best Hydroponic Systems and They ALL Comes With a 1 Year Warranty!

Our reservoirs are (Read about reservoirs) high-density polyethylene injection moldeding which resists chemicals and our ribbed design gives added strength. Our systems are also built so NO light will seep in. (Read about algae

We do not have a retail store, we don't sell lighting, hydro fertilizers, control products, what we are is the leading hydroponics systems manufacture out of Arizona. We manufacture commercial systems that are fully automated to personal systems for that every day gardener.

All our systems are pre tested and requires little work depending on what equipment you order. When I started 20 years ago on my personal indoor garden, I was overwhelmed and quickly realized how much bad advice regarding equipment and growing that was out there and how little useful advice there was in having a garden indoors in general, hydro gardening in particular.

So I started manufacturing hydroponic equipment to help garden lovers all over the world to start in door grading in making it simple and put the fun back in it. Our hydro growing systems are custom made one at a time in order to give you exactly what you want and how you want it, in that way we can save you time and money when buying equipment.  Please read Hydroponics FAQ.


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